CHS – Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome

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      CHS is a condition that leads to repeated and severe bouts of vomiting. It happens to 5% percent of long-term cannabis users
      Most people self-treat using hot showers to help reduce their symptoms.
      Some people with CHS may not be diagnosed for several years. Admitting to your healthcare provider that you use marijuana daily can speed up the diagnosis.
      You might need to stay in the hospital to treat dehydration from CHS.
      Symptoms start to go away within a day or 2 after stopping cannabis use.
      Symptoms almost always come back if you use cannabis again.

      I had CHS and I stopped smoking for 5 months + improve my lifestyle and was able to get back to smoking high levels of THC without any symptoms. It is been almost a year since I started smoking again and I have been great.

      Thank you for the good vibes!

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