How to choose a Rosin Press

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June 19, 2019
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June 20, 2019

How to choose a Rosin Press

Rosin is a solvent less cannabis extract. If pressed correctly, rosin can be a light buttery but stable consistency that still maintains its terpene profile. People have been pressing rosin for quite some time, and even while the original and convenient method of pressing rosin with a hair straightener works, there are much better methods available on the market. 

There are all kinds of Rosin presses in today’s market. From manual presses, hydraulic presses, pneumatic presses, and electric rosin presses to hybrid presses, and DIY ones. 

With all these options you want to ask yourselves a few questions before picking out the press that is right for you. To start:

How important is space to you?

Are you making personal rosin or a much higher quantity?

How much material are you pressing each time?

How noisy can you be?

How much money can you spend?

Each press has different qualities and you want to make sure you have identified the pros and cons of each press. Some of the more popular companies such as Nugsmasher, and Sasquatch have different options of presses you can choose from. Options range from portable, to stationary, as well as in price ranges and the tonnage its using to press the rosin ie. (10-20 000 tons).

Another important part of rosin pressing is to make sure you have the proper materials to press. That’s not just talking about the starting bud, or Kief material, but also the baggies required. There are different micron filter bags you can purchase through many different online suppliers. 

What’s your favourite rosin press?

Anni S
Anni S
Industry Correspondent - South America

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