Alcohol Cannabis Extraction machinery, from quality to prices

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June 20, 2019
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Alcohol Cannabis Extraction machinery, from quality to prices

Temperature is extremely important when separating compounds via evaporation, this is when using alcohol as a solvent can get tricky. Don’t worry though, all these machines come with instruction manuals in order to help you keep you safe.

Across International Rotovap
This machine is the perfect fit for a savvy buyer, you are able have much more control over the evaporation of liquid materials because of its smaller size. On a negative note though, you will have to buy a cooling system separately.

The price for this machine is $19,470 and it comes with a one year warranty, it is made for small scale operations, it is simple and easy to use, you can easily control the process. Though, the temperature control is minimum, accessories must be bought separately, very small loading capacity, it’s inflexible, alcohol extracts must be treated to remove unwanted co-extracts like chlorophyll.

Genius ASAHI Rotary Evaporator
This machine is also a cheap option. Also, it has two chambers to keep the chlorophyll in the plant matter, providing a much lighter and flavorful product.

The price of this machine depends on the size, the pros of this machine is that it removes solvents at low temperatures to keep terpenes and cannabinoids, prices are cheaper in comparison to other products, it is easy to clean and it comes in multiple sizes. The negative side is that you will need to buy accessories separately, it has a small loading capacity in the tiny models, it’s inflexible and the extraction process is manual.

Source Turbo
This is a very tech machine, you can control it from an app on your phone and one extra cool feature is that the machine can adjust to work at its best performance whether in high altitudes (mountains) or low altitudes (beach).

Te price is $599 it is perfect for home use, it is really easy to use, unfortunately its production capacity is low, alcohol extracts need careful clean up and it is not a machine for commercial extractions.

This machine is a whole new everything. So, the method allows cannabis extractions with low-proof alcohol like vodka, plus vegetable oil and water. ESCET says that this is a non-flammable method, it has no moving parts and operates at a normal pressure. The efficacy of this method is promising, but for now the data is unavailable.

The price is still unknown, this machine will not require harmful solvents, and it is easy to use. On the down side, this machine is not commercially available, and there is no public data available to prove efficacy.

Anni S
Anni S
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