Colombia and Cannabis

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June 12, 2019
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Colombia and Cannabis

If you love cannabis, and cannabis culture then Colombia is the place for you to visit. With the vibrant colours of the country, the delicious food and lovely people, there is also a strong cannabis culture that exists. Many Colombians grow their own cannabis at home, and cannabis is not hard to come by for tourists either. Some of the Herbology team went down to Medellin at the end of 2018 to experience some of the cannabis culture, and was surprised to see the abundance of cannabis, extracts, and paraphernalia that was available to them.

One of the amazing events that’s held in Medellin every year is the ExpoMedeweed! If you get a chance to add it to your itinerary you definitely should. Cannabis companies from all over the world get booths there to sell their products, provide education, and network on an international level. You can find all types of weed products from the actual plant, to various types of extractions and topicals and even paraphernalia. Even Canadian Licensed producers, such as Aphria, made an appearance at the infamous Medellin Expo. 

Another amazing thing about cannabis in Colombia, is the land race strains that are available. Some of the most popular strains such as Limon Verde and Punto Rojo were largely exported from the country into the United States, and parts of the Caribbean in the late 60s-70s. Now these sativas have been genetically modified to have more THC and the only place to get the true product is in Colombia!

Colombia has a good climate for growing, which have made many companies from various countries open their production sites here. With tourism continuing to grow from this industry, it looks like the culture and businesses surrounding the cannabis industry will continue to expand. Now is the time to visit! 

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