Lights Out! Buds Out!

June 12, 2019
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June 12, 2019

Lights Out! Buds Out!

How to identify unwanted lighting problems and methods on how to fix this problem:

Lighting is extremely important in the growing process. Just a small amount of light at the wrong time will stop the flowering stage. Cannabis plants need 12 hours of continued darkness (this can vary depending on the genetics of the plant). When the sun light hours decrease and the hours of darkness increase, the plant produces a hormone called Florigen which triggers the flowering stage. This hormone indicates to the plant that the fall season is about to start and it is time to flower to reproduce and generate seeds for the next generation.

Currently, the majority of the people grow cannabis in the city, on their balconies, in their houses, condos, etc. This situation makes your plants prone to receive unwanted lights from lighting poles or indoor lights, this will confuse the plant and decrease the optimum development of the flowering stage and the growth of the plant, it can even stop your plant from flowering at all.

The excess of light can also decrease the speed of the growing of the plant by 20 to 30%. Don’t worry, there is not many places where you can’t grow, learn some techniques:

-Choosing the proper spot: turn on all the lights at home, notice the light and whether or not they reach the cultivation area, evaluate if you can avoid the lights.

-Block the lights: obstruct the light if it reaches your plant, you can do this placing a screen or bed sheet in the proper place to block the light.

-Lateral courting: you can place a courting in the lateral areas, you can put it in a mobile device so that you can easily put it away in case it needs natural light.

-Sliding roof: If the lights are coming from the top you wanna use a sliding roof so that the plant can receive the sunlight. You can create a sliding roof with wood or plastic pipes, creating rectangular panels that you can remove or slide. You can also use a sliding shadow on top of two straighten wires. Make sure that the roof has slopes in order to prevent the collection of undesired extra water.

-Green light: if you need to constantly turn on a lamp, make sure to use a green light the spectrum of this light is similar to the spectrum of the green lights, in other words, it won’t light pollute your plant.

-Cover the cultivation: if the plants are small you can cover them individually with a big box. The risk of this technique is the possible excess of humidity and the lack of oxygen that could happen inside the box, which is a huge problem during flowering stage making it prone to develop mold. You want to cut holes in the lower side of the box and another one at the top. It is important to put a light trap in each hole to avoid the light to come in. It is recommended to put an extra roof if the box is getting too much sun.

-Mobile cultivation: If it is impossible to avoid the light pollution with the previous methods you can plan to cultivate in a mobile device, you can easily move it when needed to keep the plants away from the sun as long as they need. At the flowering stage you want to make sure that you move the plants to the dark area at the same time so that the plants flower evenly.

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