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June 20, 2019
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June 20, 2019

Legalization and Laws

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Cannabis legalization in Canada occurred on October 17th 2018. But many Canadians are still confused as to what the laws are. Where can you buy cannabis? Where can you smoke it? Where can you not have a joint lit up? If these questions plague you too, keep reading to find out more about Canadian cannabis laws. 

Where can you buy cannabis?

In Canada this answer varies based on where you live/ in which province you reside. In Ontario, the only legal method of buying recreational cannabis is through a licensed store (1 of the 25 available stores), or online through OCS. In other provinces there are different options that include private retail fronts. Make sure to look at the specific provinces laws you intend on purchasing in!

Where can you smoke it?

You can now smoke anywhere you would be able to smoke cigarettes, this however does not apply to a vehicle. Most sidewalks, roads, and public spaces may be used to consume on. 

Where can you not have a joint lit up?

You are not able to smoke, or vape in most public parks, around school areas, on private property, and definitely not inside a car. In fact your cannabis must be stored away in the trunk away from being accessed by anyone in the car. 

Are edibles legal?

If you make your own edible pr topical products from a legal source of cannabis then yes these extracts are legal. However buying edibles are not legal as there are no licensed businesses that have any legislation allowing them to legally sell edible and topical products. 

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